Is US Vaping Association a Scam?

Vapeline 2/16/15, 3:30 PM CST

On February 11, 2015, I noticed that Dimitris, aka VapingGreek, retweeted a warning that the new “US Vaping Association” is nothing but a scam. The tweet points out that in fact, the “US” Vaping Association domain name is registered to someone in Canada.

Today I noticed, since that tweet went viral, the association has changed its domain name information to private, blocking access to any registrant information whatsoever.

Others have claimed that the address in Greenwood Village, CO that is listed on the association website is nothing but a drop box service. So who is the USVA?

No, this isn't a joke.
A subscription to USVA costs $25 per month.

Some of the benefits the USVA claims a subscription provides include:
  • A 75% off discount to a National Conference. But what National Conference?
  • Connections to professionals, peers and the USVA "knowledgeable staff". None of whom are named.
  • Special rates on "industry publications". None of which are named.
  • Cash advances, short term loans and franchise financing. Are they a loan company then?
  • Discounted insurance. Are they an insurance company then?
  • Wholesale credit on stock purchases. Are they a stock broker then?
  • What exactly IS USVA?
And WHO exactly is the US Vaping Association and why are they seemingly trying to cover up their true identity? There is one person with the answers to these questions.

Vaporacle will stay on top of this story for you: I can guarantee you that!

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