V4P3R Parodies Vape Mania Cover

Check out this hilarious parody of the cover of Vape Mania created by a newbie vaper who goes by the pseudonym V4P3R (also known among the vaping blogging circles as V00P3R).

Check out what V4P3R said about Vape Mania on his self-published blog.

"Vape Mania is a book anyone can digest during a week of before-bedtime reading, or to fill up a rainy Sunday afternoon. In pure slapstick fashion, Vape Mania explores and exploits just about every public misconception about e-cigarettes, complete with sporadic diagrams and drawings. With characters like DarthVaper, the author ironically explores the hilarity of online vaping forums. Vape Mania is funny, no doubt. Sometimes laugh out loud funny. Everyone who vapes will appreciate the comedy of this book, especially those who are part of the online vaping community. The book is smartly written, though at times it does degrade into screwball humor a la Monty Python style . . . Vape Mania is a great conversation starter to have on your coffee table or in your vape shop, and would make a great gift for that dedicated vaper who has everything."


Thanks V00P3R!!!
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