Steve Forbes Takes On “Anti-smoking Jihadists”

In a piece published yesterday in Forbes, Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes himself comes out strong, mashing anti-vapers into a pulp and publicly showing support for e-cigarettes and for vaping.

In the article called "California Joins Baseless Bashing of E-Cigarettes," Forbes calls the war that is currently being waged on the vaping community nothing but “weird superstition.” He compares the anti-vaping hysteria to “the belief in witches.”
“E-cigs have been a godsend to people who wish to give up smoking,” Forbes points out. He explains that “smoking among teenagers is at the lowest level” now that teens have been choosing to vape instead. “But instead of being hailed as the most effective anti-smoking tool ever, e-cigs have been pilloried as the devil’s device.”

Forbes goes on to criticize the California Department of Public Health's report (titled “A Community Health Threat”) saying it “apocalyptically attacks" e-cigs. “It turns out this report is scientific garbage,” Forbes accuses. “It twists facts, quotes scientific studies out of context and is laced with outright whoppers.”

“The fanatical fervor of anti-smoking crusaders won’t be stopped by objective science,” Forbes warns the vaping community. He says that is due in part to “an intolerant, puritanical mind-set that is offended because e-cigs make giving up cigarettes too easy. Forsaking smoking should involve pain, not pleasure!”

"Instead of focusing on sensible guidelines to ensure the safe and sound manufacturing of electronic cigarettes, anti-smoking jihadists indulge in what might be called a scorched-earth approach," Forbes concludes. "All tobacco products are regarded as equally bad–a scientific falsehood–and anything resembling cigarettes, even when no tar or smoke is involved, must be quashed."