Vape Mania Parts 1 and 2

    Enter the Seedy World of Chronic Vaping Addiction
First of it's kind! The first literary work EVER
featuring a vaper as the main protagonist.

Your juice shelf is not complete without Vape Mania steeping on it.

Electronic cigarettes. A drug as addictive as heroin. A mother's worst nightmare. Not sold in baggies behind dumpsters in the alleyways but wrapped inside enticing packages and sold over the counter at convenience stores. Not peddled out of trailer parks by droopy pants gangsters with teardrop tattoos but delivered to your doorstep by unwitting, fine, upstanding United States Postal Carriers.
Follow one man's downward spiral into the seedy world of vaping addiction. Discover the global conspiracy of an e-cigarette forum hell-bent on hooking the masses to freebased nicotine by means of mind controlling paraphernalia and volatile electronic batteries manufactured through the miserable toil of abused slaves working in overseas sweatshops. Learn the vaping hoodlums' secret lingo like "mod" and "drip" and "wick," so that you too can recognize the ticking time bomb vapoholics mingling among you. Discover the shocking truth behind the 21st century drug of choice, slung to our children in dropper bottles with flavors like gummy bear and lollypop.

Through endorsing this horrific tale inspired by true events, IPIC, the Institute for the Preservation of the Institution of Cigarettes, helps to debunk the myth that huffing antifreeze and skin moisturizer is a safe alternative to the leisurely and respectable past time of smoking traditional tobacco products. You will be appalled at how lax our government has been at cracking down on this unregulated industry's often illegal activity run by e-juice cartels that exist for the sole purpose of turning people into zombie-like vaping junkies who can't survive a minute without getting their fix.

This cringe inducing, sometimes ultra-violent memoir dives unflinchingly into the disgusting corners of the vaping community at large. Not since Upton Sinclair's The Jungle has there been a more provocative exposé of the backdoor dealings of a politically influential mass marketing scheme. Now for the first time the underground sensation that was previously only released to trusted members of the conservative media, is finally revealed to the public in this groundbreaking paperback edition available exclusively through Amazon. Newly edited with commentary provided by IPIC, this is a startling wake-up call that belongs on the bookshelves of every home across the world.

Attention parents. Do not let your children become the marionettes of the e-cig mafia; and before you even think about putting this modern day crack pipe to your lips, give your health and sanity a chance by reading VAPE MANIA. It will save your life!

WARNING: this memoir explicitly illustrates the possessive power
of this devil drug in graphic detail and is therefore not intended for the faint of heart.

Please do not attempt to dry burn your wick while reading Vape Mania.

Uproariously demented. Twisted and controversial. Hilariously horrifying. Offensively funny. Outrageously anti-pc. A book so shocking Vaporacle was banned from ECF just for posting about it. It's here!! The much anticipated sequel to the highly popular Vape Mania. Prepare yourself for ten times the insanity, ten times the hilarity, ten times the intrigue and, of course, ten times the vaping.

Melvin Provario is back: with a vengeance! Angel of Vape begins right where Vape Mania left off. Rejoin Melvin's disturbing downward spiral into madness as he tries to exonerate himself to the vaping community while at the same time taking on a ruthless cigarette bootlegging ring that's hell bent on destroying the e-cig market.

Vape Mania is the only series in existence with a vaper as the main protagonist, set in an e-cigarette community filled with vaping culture. Can Melvin Provario vape his way out of this mess? Buy Angel of Vape now and find out!

Angel of Vape is not available through Kindle. It's designed to have a physical place on your e-juice shelf. Please support printed literature by purchasing a Vaporacle title today.

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