Is Rip Trippers On The Take?

Reddit has come alive with accusations that vaping critic Rip Trippers is on the take. 

I've now seen two different versions of this letter purporting to be from someone representing Rip Trippers demanding a “2% equity” in an unnamed "app" in return for his promotion of the unnamed "app" on “all platforms” (in both examples of the letter, the name of the company in question has been removed). The two letters were in completely different typeface suggesting at least one of them (if not both of them) is not an original copy. Also, the wording of the letters suggests they were in response to someone inviting Rip to be on the advisory board of their company. There is nothing unusual about owning a share of a company that you are on the board of (and a 2% share is actually quite conservative); there is nothing unusual about that unless, of course, you take it out of context and claim it means something else.

People are also linking to this post of someone making a similar accusation.

At this point we are dealing with nothing but internet rumors and we haven't seen any hard evidence nor have we heard a rebuttal from Rip Trippers. Some tabloid-type blogs (run by drama-queens who ironically make money off of advertising themselves) have jumped on this in order to increase their traffic, but Vaporacle would like to remind everyone that this is America and we're suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. Even if Rip Trippers was negotiating a deal to promote an "app," that doesn't prove that his long history of reviewing actual juices and vaping gear has all been paid for.

Update: the main person behind these allegations appeared on the TV Show Mod Envy on Saturday night and refused to elaborate on what evidence he had that Rip Trippers did anything wrong. We're still waiting for the evidence . . .

Final Word: Twisted420 admits it is nothing but hearsay on YouTube.

Comments from Reddit

. . . he did a review on the veritas from us and we didn't pay him he bought it himself . . . He said wasn't going to let people know who he got it from if we weren't a stand up vendor and that he appreciated all our help and that he felt comfortable sending people our way knowing that we'd take care of them.

I dont think some cropped posts/texts/comment really proves anything . . . drama is always nice and juicy

So we are basing this entirely off of screenshots that could be entirely fabricated? . . . Say this is true and he has been getting paid for positive reviews; shouldn't we be mad at the companies who've paid him for the coverage as well? I just don't see why everyone grabs their torches as soon as a little speculation arises.

Can we just take a second to recognize some of the good that RIP does for the community before we grab our pitchforks and start another reddit witch hunt? If the accusations are 100% true, then I agree it is scummy and should be stopped. But the only person who is going to make the decision on whether or not it stops is RIP.

I would want to be paid too if I put as much time into reviewing products and really showing people how to do this stuff safely. This happens in all industries and has been happing in this one too before Rippy Trippy.

I fail to see the problem. As someone who deals with copy/reads for play on the radio, the only thing it seems is that he is asking for either a stake in company profits as a whole, or for the device for which he is marketing. I still don't see a problem with that. Anyone who does a 'review' of a product AND doesn't keep said product/get paid, can cast the first stone. But if you accept and keep the product/money for doing your review, it's nothing different. Please go hunt witches elsewhere.

This is disappointing to me, not because he's asking for money, only because he's already making money on his videos! He doesn't need more just to put out a review.. It's sad.

So, your going after Rip for being an infomercial and selling his name. If thats the case then you should be calling out pbusardo and dimitris for their whole China thing as well? Are you? ...yeah...didn't think so... Rip is the easy target. he's an infomercial, thats all his channel is about. Why don't you call out the other two big names in the US review circles for the three one hour infomercials they done on behalf of Kanger, Aspire and Innokin?

Who cares. He spends alot of time on his videos, gives back to the community, and is pretty good at his job. He should be compensated for his work. . . . Take a fucking pitchfork to something that can make change happen. Not some dude talking about ecigs man.